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Merry Christmas!

It is that time for the yearly Christmas post.  As I contemplated what to would write, I was led to a more personal discussion from the heart for this years Christmas post.  What does Christmas mean to you?  I usually give the typical church answer and say that Christmas is a celebration of the birth of our Savior.  There is obviously nothing wrong with that answer, but while meditating on why the month of December is our absolute favorite time of year, the answer (or feeling) became apparent as I listened to my absolute favorite Christmas song.  Casting Crown’s “I heard the bells on Christmas day” describes the purpose of Christ’s birth.  “Peace on earth” the chorus beautifully sings!  No  matter what had happened throughout the year, starting Christmas Eve and through Christmas day there was always peace in my heart.  All the parental arguments gone, the sorrow for the loss of my grandfather gone, and the neighbor who picked on me was now friendly.  On Christmas day everyone was kind and gentle hearted to each other no matter what had happened the week before.  For one glorious day, there was peace on earth as I think God intended us to live.

With recent tragedies heavy on the heart, Tami’s favorite Christmas song brought an overflowing of tears to me as I contemplated how there could possibly be peace on earth for just ONE day with so much evil in this world.  While listening to “here with us” by Joy Williams.   Joy’s radiant voice proclaiming “heaven’s love, reaching down to save the world…Servant King, you’re here with us” renewed my heart with hope as I remembered the meaning of Emmanuel.  Despite all the pain in life, loss of loved ones, financial difficulties and other struggles; our Savior is with us.  Though He was born in the darkness of night, no evil of this world could stop the dawning of light to follow and give hope to all the world.  The world has never changed, but my perspective on Christmas day is always a little brighter because of his Love.  He is Emmanuel, God with us.

I hope you have a Merry Christmas and since no post can go without pictures; I have attached our family pictures by one of our best friends and outstanding photographers who we have always looked up to, Adam and Allison Hudson.  You can check out their stuff at  Tami and I are so blessed and thankful for our family.

We also continued our tradition of Elf on the Shelf with the boys.  We found it difficult to top what we had done last year, but I think we had fun and the boys enjoyed seeing what Mr. Jingles would do next.  Since Henry is big into superhero stuff this year, Mr. Jingles dressed as a Batman, Spiderman and even Hulked out!  My favorite were the sugar cookies he made!  The recipe from Sweet Sugar Belle is amazing.  This year we learned to keep Mr. Jingle high and out of the reach of Isaac since on the first day he knocked him over and chewed on him.  We had to get the Elf on the Shelf recovery kit from Santa to give him his magic back!


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  • alana - y’all are SO clever with all the Mr. Jingles activities!!
    Beautiful family!

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