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Mr. and Mrs. Cole

A few weeks ago, we got to hang out with Lauren and Gray on their wedding day. These two are so much fun! In fact, the whole bridal party was fun! We had a great time and were able to get some pretty awesome shots along the way. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Lauren was a beautiful bride. We enjoyed getting to know you two and wish you best! Thanks again for allowing us to be a part of your wedding day! 

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Mr. and Mrs. McPhearson

Earlier this month we had the privilege of hanging out with Hannah and Daniel on their wedding day. We have loved getting to know the two of them over the past several months. It is always an honor to get to be a small part of such a wonderful love story! The moment you meet Hannah and Daniel it is obvious to see the love they share for each other. Thank you guys so much for inviting us into your lives. We wish you the bestJoco Foto_0475Joco Foto_0476Joco Foto_0477Joco Foto_0478Joco Foto_0479Joco Foto_0480Joco Foto_0481Joco Foto_0482Joco Foto_0483Joco Foto_0484Joco Foto_0485Joco Foto_0487Joco Foto_0488Joco Foto_0486Joco Foto_0489Joco Foto_0490Joco Foto_0491Joco Foto_0492Joco Foto_0493Joco Foto_0494Joco Foto_0495Joco Foto_0496Joco Foto_0497Joco Foto_0498Joco Foto_0499Joco Foto_0500Joco Foto_0501Joco Foto_0502Joco Foto_0503Joco Foto_0504Joco Foto_0505Joco Foto_0506Joco Foto_0507Joco Foto_0508Joco Foto_0509Joco Foto_0510Joco Foto_0511Joco Foto_0512Joco Foto_0513Joco Foto_0514Joco Foto_0515Joco Foto_0516Joco Foto_0517Joco Foto_0518Joco Foto_0519Joco Foto_0520Joco Foto_0521Joco Foto_0522!!

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Hannah and Daniel Engaged | Jackson MS wedding photographers

We were so happy to hear that Hannah and Daniel’s hobbies include outdoor activities with picnics; which always makes for a great session. We first met Hannah when she was a bridesmaid at one of our previous bride’s wedding. I remember everyone at that wedding being so nice so we were glad when Hannah asked us to be a part of her wedding. After getting to know Hannah and Daniel, both are just great people. I loved how these two interacted so naturally with each other, which made taking pictures of them super easy. We had so much fun with you two and can’t wait for your wedding next year.

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Mr. and Mrs. Bass | Summit, MS Wedding Photographers

As we were driving to the wedding, Tami questioned if I was going the correct way since we were driving on some winding county roads with most of the road signs missing.  Luckily the GPS system works great and we were pleasantly surprised when we arrived to see the natural beauty of Jolimar Retreat Center in Summit Ms.  The couple was just as awesome as the venue.  Mary Jane has one of those infectious personalities; she is so nice, fun and is always smiling. Robert is one cool dude, but also very kind hearted.  You could tell by the way he looked at Mary Jane, that he cared deeply for her.  You two were awesome and thank you for choosing us to photograph your special day.

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  • November 18, 2013 - 11:04 pm

    Judy E. Dillon - Dear Mary Jane:

    Your wedding day was beautiful! Couldn’t have been any better! I so enjoyed looking at your pictures, and I know you and Robert will be very happy! Tell each other “I Love You” everyday, give 100% to each other, and pray for each other daily. Every thing else will work itself out.

    Praying God’s blessings on you both,
    Judy Dillon

Trisdon | Jackson Ms Senior Photography

Tami and I were very excited about this senior session.  Trisdon is into acting and plans to pursue a degree in theatre upon graduation.  We both felt this was a great fit for him; he has a great personality and is very outgoing.  Since he is so comfortable on stage, we couldn’t resist using this as our inspiration for the shoot; big thanks to our friends at Duling Hall in downtown Fondren for letting us use their stage.  In the words of the great William Shakespeare, “All the world’s a stage” and you my friend are a fine tipped calligraphy pen awaiting to leave its mark.  We had fun hanging out and wish you the best of luck in your future.

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